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The ancient methods of curing the patient by the Kabiraj’s, re-originated in this scientific civilization in a Modern way. In  ancient India the Kabiraj’s used to diagnose the illness by catching the pulses. They could even forecast the after effects of an ailment. But this method seemed to be vanished in this modern age. Interestingly, once again new age technology has brought back the traditional Indian method of disease diagnosis. For this purpose computerized Pulse Analysis Machines (PAS) and Digital Meridian Imaging machines are used which display the detailed functioning levels of the body’s vital organs. 

All these and many other machines have been installed at a health care centre called Natural Mantra, the first of its kind in India. Interestingly, it has the support of various health care organizations from countries like USA, Switzerland, China, Australia, Russia, Taiwan, Germany etc.

Conventional western methods of blood examination cannot diagnose a disease until it is mixed in the blood, but pulse analysis can. Taking account of this, Natural Mantra is committed to detect the disorder before it appears pathologically. This means that now we will be able to prevent and control a disease before its symptoms show up. Furthermore, these procedures totally relate to the interactions between the body and environment.Hence the age old dream of living in a disease free world now seems possible.

Moreover the pulse analysis and digital meridian imaging can also be used to monitor, people having high risk of some chronic diseases. For ex. if diabetes and hypertension lies in the family history of a person, he is likely to fall prey to it. This can be prevented by adopting lifestyle modifications and natural healing therapies after the early indications in the pulse. Thus Natural Mantra projects complete health analysis and natural cure for them.

This project is fully supported by Yog Guru Swami Karamveerji Maharaj (former associate of Swami Ramdevji Maharaj), as a result Maharishi Patanjali Yog Foundation (Lonavala, Mumbai) has also collaborated with  Natural Mantra.

The first Pilot and Demo project has been started at E-1/75, Sector-11, Faridabad (Haryana). Hopefully, Natural Mantra aspires to spread this system to every nook and corner of our country by giving franchisee.

For any further information, mail at or call at 0129-4015295, 9868510114, 9871483734.

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